Güterverkehrszentrum Kassel

Güterverkehrszentrum Kassel GVZ

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Freight village GVZ Kassel

Centrally located between the economic centres of Frankfurt, Hannover, Leipzig and the Ruhr-region, the Kassel freight village with its total area of approximately 850.000 m² is a perfect home base for logistic networks. Its central situation, the excellent connections, the integrated transhipment centre and the support for logistic development provided by the neighbouring municipalities with a strong workface potential turn the GVZ into one of Germany´s most high-performance logistic sites. It is part of the industrial park Kassel-Fuldabrück-Lohfelden, North Hesse´s largest cohesive industrial park. British market leader Gazeley recognized these qualities very early on, and decided to construct a Magna Park for logistic companies. Large parts of the area is currently used by the Baunataler Volkswagen original parts centre. Numerous other companies with an affinity with the GVZ, such as freight forwarders, distribution centres and parcel services, have decided to make use of the great local an infrastructural advantages, such as logistics specialist DHL.

BFP: Hans Haas, Baunatal                                                 klick
Quelle: Zweckverband Raum Kassel

Even more advantages:

  • A great location for companies with an emphasis on transport and logistics

  • All of Germany reachable “overnight”

  • Direct vicinity of production, trade and services at the Kassel industrial park

  • Kassel-Calden airport an Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe international train station nearby


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